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Mar 31, 2016

Building Muscles After 40 Is Possible! With The "Abs After 40" Workout Program

There are immeasurable benefits of building strong core muscles (abs). It not only helps to improve your posture by strengthening the midsection thus preventing you from hunching and slouching, but it goes a long way in reducing the risk of high blood pressure, enhancing your confidence, as well as improving your breathing and digestion. Stronger abs do help to reduce fat and control the blood sugars, which is beneficial to the diabetic.

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For the stated benefits, stronger abs could be more helpful than ever to those aged 40 and above. But rocking six pack abs in most men becomes a significant challenge the moment gray hair starts to rear its ugly head, which is entirely understandable. As you hit 40 and beyond, you are crowned with more responsibilities and finding time for exercise becomes an issue. The body begins to hurt a little and results become a bit hard to obtain.

But of all the reasons, declining testosterone could be the main culprit. In youth, the body produces large amounts of hormones such as testosterone, HCG, and others. Testosterone production and muscle mass are directly proportion. In mid teenage and puberty, the male body builds insane muscle mass due to increased hormones. But at age 30, testosterone levels starts to decline and falls dramatically after that, and getting six abs becomes a near impossibility.

Like most men in their 40's and beyond, Mark gave a try to all sorts of means- fad diets, expensive gym membership, fitness programs- but strangely none seemed to bear any fruits. Mysterious enough, these methods were bearing fruits before, but suddenly became ineffective after 40. Mark concluded that there must be a reason for this, and he began to look for a solution. The result was the conception, birth, adoption, and fruition of 'Abs after 40' program.

What Exactly Is Abs After 40? How Does It Work?

Abs After 40 is a workout program tailored for men aged 40 above, which not only targets the stubborn belly fats but helps in the development of lean muscles, solid abs, and improves the overall healthy lifestyles. When young, your body can handle high impact exercises pretty well. But as you age, your body cannot take the same amount of pressure, which leads to inflamed joints.

To counter decreased hormones and reduce the risk of injury, you need to adopt a specific nutritional philosophy perform specific workouts, and this is what 'Abs After 40' helps you to achieve.

The Three Phases To The Abs After 40 Fitness Program

1. The program has got three phases. The first phase, the fat loss jumpstart, is all about rebooting your body for fat loss. As stated earlier, your testosterone levels begin to decline as you approach 30's, and this significantly impacts on your ability to burn fats. You, therefore, need to reprogram your body for fat loss. The first phase is all about it.

2. The second phase, Male Hormone Optimization, helps to get the male hormones (testosterone) back to the initial levels, which not only helps to burn fats but increases your sex drive.

3. The final phase, the Full-Auto Burning Mode, is all about experiencing the fruits of your toil. After the hormones are balanced you will begin to shed off flesh and rock the once thought hard to achieve six packs.

’Abs After 40’ Program Advantages and Disadvantages

1. Addresses the Core Issue
The Abs After 40 unearths and solves the reason most men above 40 find it hard to lose belly fat. By addressing the core issue-decreased testosterone- men can easily lose the belly fat and keep it off for long. Increased testosterone also helps to boost your sex drive.

2. Friendly to Your Joints
You need not get the abs the painful way. All your body parts are precious. This routine works so you when working out don't need to injure one part to enhance the other. Mark this fundamental truth when designing the 'Abs After 40'. The program takes care of your joints.

3. All Natural
We all know the dangers of testosterone replacement therapies. The program eliminates the need for such and boosts your testosterone the natural, safe way.

4. Works with Your Nutrition
Getting fit and eating healthy goes hand in hand. The program provides nutritional advice that works with, not contrary, to your varying hormones.

The only con is that the program may not suit everyone. There are some hand weights you need to lift to see the results. You need to put in some effort, and invest your time to reap the full benefits. Women aged 40 and above need to attain a flat belly. But the program is only tailored for men aged 40 and beyond.